Felucca boat nile

images felucca boat nile

It can get bitterly cold at night, so bring a sleeping bag. Nile Cruise You'll climb on board the feluccaa traditional Egyptian boat with distinctive birdlike wings, to begin a tranquil hour and a half cruise on the majestic waters of the Nileone of the longest and most famous rivers in the world. Be assertive that you will not ride with more than 8 people plus crew; anything more is going to be pretty tight for sleeping. There are three ways to travel the Nile. By going on a felucca you get to really appreciate the Egyptian people and the simple pleasures that sailing along such a beautiful river brings with it. Feluccas in Aswan. If you are seeing this under any other domain name, you are on a stolen site. The most amazing part of this was the relaxing, quiet 2 days spent on the Felucca sailing the magnificent Nile. Reviewed on 03 Jan by Asma Hussain 1. As a consequence the banks of the Nile and its wildlife undergo no degradation caused by us in contrast to that inflicted by the larger cruise boats which produce serious damage and erosion due to the waves they create.

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  • Felucca Ride Egypt Nile Cruise

    Deciding how to tackle the mighty Nile can throw up all manner of questions. Not least, should I choose a felucca or riverboat? Review of: 1-Hour Felucca Boat Ride on the Nile River from Cairo.

    images felucca boat nile

    Little wind so could barely move against river flow, no-ones fault. Low light before sunset was. A felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat used in the eastern Mediterranean​—including around Malta and Tunisia—in Egypt and Sudan (particularly along the Nile and in protected.
    Fares are open to negotiation and dictated by demand.

    A Sail Through History The felucca boats of the Nile G Adventures

    This 3 day cruise goes from Aswan to Luxor. Nile felucca cruise in Egypt 10 Reviews Departure information.

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    City Tours. We sailed until sunset each day and moored up for the night in a peaceful place on the banks of the river.

    Felucca Cruise on the Nile from Cairo

    images felucca boat nile
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    With so many feluccas hundreds, thousands? City Tours. There was an error with your account creation, please try again.

    images felucca boat nile

    Classic Egypt and Jordan. Group Tours. If you are a solo traveler, you can approach your hostel or a middleman on the corniche and ask to join a group.

    Feluccas are the traditional sailboats of Egypt Nile. Egyptians and foreigners alike enjoy a relaxing felucca ride, as they are perfect for catching the breeze on a.

    Chef and I met in Egypt on a 5 day felucca trip on the Nile. evening sail, tacking towards Luxor, dodging Nile cruise ships on a brisk wind. Read about sailing the Nile by traditional felucca on our Egypt Tours.

    Felucca Boat Trip on the Nile Luxor Travels

    On our Signature tours we have a Felucca Support Boat with western.
    Day Tours. When we were on land, we were able to buy things for ourselves to take back. Most come with a water squirter for washing yourself, so always have toilet papers with you! Egypt Civilization, Where is Egypt Located.

    If you do have problems, the tourist police or the tourist office should be the first port of call.

    Nile Cruise, Aswan

    images felucca boat nile
    Felucca boat nile
    Our travel guides. Egypt Civilization, Where is Egypt Located. You may not cancel this activity. There are no onboard toilet facilities, so you will need to go to the toilet overboard or find somewhere private when you stop on shore.

    We sailed for a week -- longer than most people.


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    1. It was a lovely, peaceful few days and it was almost 20 years ago now. Offers: Are you a solo traveller looking to cruise the Nile?